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Creative Director in Ho Chi Minh City

We are searching for a creative director for my YouTube channel (

What we try to do:

• Grow the TC Brand on YouTube and Linkedin

• Publish 100 videos this year, 700 shorts

• also each 100 slides on linkedin

• Reach 10k subs on YouTube (hopefully, if we implement feedback)

Our team is currently:

• 2 Editors (in Africa)

• 2 Research-interns (Also Africa)

• Till, Ho Chi Min

What we now need: A creative director in HCM

• Work with Till closely for 1-2 days per week, the rest remote.

• Be full-time. Once the publishing is done, fill the rest with research how we can be better

• Understand English very well

• Put the ideas into video briefs, work with the editors, follow up to get a good result

• Do Q&A checks with everything we publish

• Research what works on YouTube

• Research what works in the IT project management industry

In general: all these things are easy with some common sense. It's fine if you have no qualifications and learned English by watching every season of Friends 4 times. If you are willing to work hard and learn, I'm sure we can get it to work.

Salary 10M base, +1M bonus for every week we hit the full schedule (on invoice as my company is outside VN).

Send an email to attached emails - and please include a link to a 1-2min video where you introduce yourself. Don't send a CV.

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Creative Director in Ho Chi Minh City
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