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Professional Translation of Family Tree from Traditional Chinese to English

Project Description: We are seeking an experienced translator to convert our cherished family tree from Traditional Chinese into fluent English. This document holds significant cultural and genealogical value, and we require a linguist who can handle the nuances of family titles and historical terms with utmost care and precision.

Key Deliverables:

Translate the entire family tree document from Traditional Chinese to English.
Maintain the integrity and context of all cultural and genealogical information.
Format the translated document to mirror the original layout, ensuring that all names and connections are correctly represented.
Required Skills:

Native-level proficiency in English and fluent in Traditional Chinese.
Proven experience in translating genealogical documents or similar historical texts.
Strong attention to detail and a deep respect for cultural nuances.
Excellent formatting skills to preserve the original document's structure in the translation.
Project Timeline: The completed translation should be delivered within three weeks from the start date. Regular updates and a draft for initial review should be submitted within the first ten days.

Why This Project Is Unique: This project provides a special opportunity to work with a family's heritage and contribute to the preservation of their lineage and stories. Your translation will become an artifact treasured for generations to come, bridging cultural gaps and connecting family members across the globe.

To apply, please submit a brief summary of your translation experience, particularly any related to family histories or Traditional Chinese documents, along with any relevant work samples. Your expertise in this area will ensure that our family tree is honored and accurately represented for our English-speaking relatives.

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Professional Translation of Family Tree from Traditional Chinese to English
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I have good skill in Chinese language, I have passed HSK4. Also, I using English everyday to communicate with people in Vietname right. If you are interest please contact me

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The translation I asked for was basically quite bad : Akhom obviously made it throught a computer, some sentences made no sense.
But :
- he send me a first free page for me to assess the quality of his service and I say yes, so it's up to me
- when I asked him for latter modifications, he made it right away, that was nice to him.

₫2,500,000 /
5 ngày
I passed HSK5
I always use Chinese at work, my English skills are good at reading and writing.
₫2,500,000 /
2 ngày
Hello sir , i'm Huy , I just started working on this platform, I have 2 years of experience freelancing on the upwork platform, I read your job description and I see I can do it cheaply. within 2 days at the earliest,... Đọc thêm

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